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JBL 4312E Speaker (NIB, In Stock)

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The JBL® 4312 E studio monitor is the direct descendent of the legendary Model 4310, the original JBL monitor that forever changed audio recording, introduced in 1968. As you would expect of a true JBL studio monitor, the 4312 E delivers crisp, powerful bass at all listening levels with a massive 300mm (12-inch) woofer driven by a Differential Drive® (U.S. patent no. 5,748,760 and other patents pending) dual 75mm (3-inch) voice-coil assembly. A 125mm (5-inch) pure-pulp cone and 25mm (1-inch) copper voice coil with Kapton® bobbin realistically reproduce the full dynamics of vocal performances with low distortion, even at the highest listening levels. A 25mm (1-inch) tweeter with a magnesium/ aluminium alloy dome e


The loudspeakers are configured in mirror- image pairs to create a focused stereo soundstage ideal for monitor applications. Extremely rigid, heavily braced enclosures of 19mm (3/4-inch) PB with 19mm (3/4-inch) MDF baffles ensure that the transducers are held in precise alignment

Front-mounted port provides optimal woofer tuning for extended bass response and permits speaker to be placed against a wall

Continuously variable MF and HF attenuators let users tailor driver output to suit room acoustics or personal preference

Five-way binding-post connectors permit the use of any type of wire and termination

Pebble-texture black vinyl finish with silkscreened JBL logos

xtends HF response far beyond the audible range of the human ear. Built in mirror-image pairs to create the detailed, coherent stereo soundstage that studio monitors must, the JBL 4312 E exceeds the expectations of critical listeners and music professionals alike, providing a listening experience of such richness and subtlety that it cannot be compared to anything but a live performance.